Monday, June 16, 2008

My update sans pictures

Halfway into June and I am just now getting around to posting, bad blogger!

What's on my needles: I am working on my Socks of Extreme Angst, almost done with the cuff of sock #2. I am also about 50% in on an Accordion Cowl Hood by Diane Serviss. This is another "let's use up the boucle quick" project. This time, it is back to the grey Bernat Soft Boucle I used for The Neverending Poncho with a little Bernat Satin in black for contrast. So far, it is working up nicely though the accordion folds are not as clearly defined in the boucle than they would be if I had used a smooth yarn. Pictures will follow soon.

Next to cast-on: I would like to make another shopping bag to use up the last of my kitchen cotton. I will buy kitchen cotton in the future, but ONLY when I have a SPECIFIC project in mind. Also, I found a bunch of granny squares I made years ago and I think they would make some cute scarves for my daughters.

Finally, I didn't get to participate in WWKIP Day as I had family visiting. That's it for this update, more to follow soon. Peace to you and yours!

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Earthly Fae said...

Can't wait to see how the cowl turns out in a boucle :-)