Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been awhile...

...but I have been knitting! And reading... And Plurking... My Ravelry participation has decreased but I have managed to keep my projects updated there.

Let's see, what is off my needles?
1. Accordion Cowl Hood by Diane Serviss - using gray boucle from stash
2. The Socks of Extreme Angst - using Austermann Step and Ann Budd's basic formula for making socks
3. My Scrap Happy Shawl - using a variety of samples and leftovers from my stash, this project was inspired by Miss Violet's post here. I may have a better picture of this project for the blog at some point LOL!

On my needles:
1. Nanners Socks! I am really loving this pattern, I think WendyKnits is a fab designer and a great person in general!
2. Another cotton shopping bag - using the same pattern as before but shortening the strap considerably so it won't hang down to my ankles when filled. I also went down in needle size to see if that helps too...
3. Nemesis - this is a project which is rumored to be a Clapotis, that's all I will say for now...

What's coming next?
1. More blog posts, to this and my other blogs.
2. Something for myself from More Big Girl Knits.
3. A crochet project... lace or amigurumi...
4. Catching up with the Plurkette Hencircle
5. Working with my local knit group on our ongoing charity projects...