Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flawed but functional

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I have a bit of cotton in my stash which was screaming to be something useful. I know that washcloths are really popular with a great many crafters but I am just not one. Anyway, I was looking around for patterns and came across this on the Lion Brand website. I liked the strap construction but found that it still stretched a bit more than I wanted and the sides did not match up perfectly when it was sewn together. I will be making this patten again but plan to go down a needle size and cast on 10-20 fewer stitches for the strap.

Bustin' stash and going green... How awesome is that?


jo said...

it's pretty freeking awesome. in fact i think i can re-finagle that pattern for my use too. it's really neat and nifty.

Kim said...

Nice to see someone else that isn't into the whole wash cloth thing.

I love your bag!