Thursday, November 1, 2007

FO: Sherri by Berroco

Originally uploaded by pudmuddles.

I'm glad its finished! I wish I had more of this yarn. Despite it being rather splitty, it drapes nicely and I love the sheen. I would have like to make the length longer and the neck smaller. This was my first experience making something that wasn't a scarf, hat, or sock (ponchos don't count). I have recently ordered a top-down sweater book and I have a feeling that method will satisfy my urges nicely :)

The pattern can be found here.


knittinwolf said...

Love the colors! Turned out great! You're doing a lot...go girl!:)

Cristina said...

She is so cute! And you're like me, only now you're a step ahead of me, i did never tried to do some big project. Only purses, mittens and small things like that. I'm really thinking of doing a summer coat for my girls, i'm just looking for the wrigth yarn.

MJ said...

Too cute!