Monday, September 3, 2007

FO: Christmas Stocking, 1 down... 4? to go!

Started: 8/29/07
Completed: 9/2/07

Pattern was from KNITTING YEAR-ROUND by Better Homes and Gardens (ISBN 069621655-8), pages 96-98.

Yarn: Red Heart, I didn't have the specific colors called for in the pattern so I made it up from what I have in my stash...and I used almost an entire skein of red... I love it :)

So I don't burn out on these, I plan to finish up the socks I have OTN and work on the crochet blanket. (Plus, I have a bunch of reading to do but I won't talk about that here LOL.)


jo said...


this is so much better than the ones i imagined i would be making myself!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Love it!!!!!! so totally awesome;)

Cristina said...

cool sock :)
Guess i'm not the only one to start with the christmas things ;)

Cristina said...

It is me again. Is it possible for you to email me, please.
I would like to answer to your comments on my blog, thank you ;)