Monday, August 20, 2007

On Hold with

I'm really not happy. I have been on hold now for who knows how long, trying to find some additional information about the order I placed (8/13/07). I'm going to tell all of my family/friends what a huge hassle this has been so that I don't get anymore Joann's gift cards! At this point, I would rather have the credit put back on the gift card and cancel out the order but guess what? That would involve actually talking to someone!

Ok. I got through. The customer service person (who seemed nice enough) says that the order is shipped but there is no tracking number and she didn't see two items in the box... Ok, does that mean those items are coming separately? Or will I be getting a partial credit back on my gift card? It was too late to substitute yarns or anything else... So I have a feeling that this ordeal is far from over...

In other news, there will soon be a real LYS opening in town. I am looking forward to it with just a touch of trepidation... more on that later.


knittinwolf said...

Hope you get your packages! Its so hard to wait on them though! It will be nice when the LYS opens here...hope its good or its back to ordering online! Have a great day!

jo said...

i saw the spinning wheel in the window of the shop yesterday...!