Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Finally, I feel like I am achieving balance again since Ravelry came into my life! There are so many wonderful people, projects and information on this site that it can be overwhelming and time consuming... not to mention the time it takes away from actually making something! I've got my groups back down to 40 and I may actually delete a few more as I know I don't have time to actually participate in all 40 groups. My plan is to use Ravelry once a day... we'll see how that goes LOL.

I'm caught up on my podcasts and may be in the "market" for a few new subscriptions. The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they can travel with you and don't demand your full attention while listening. So multi-tasking (which is a necessity in my life) is no problem.

As for the more mundane, my front-loading washer is acting up. Without an agitator it is difficult to balance a load and I think between all of the towels and jeans this family of 5 can dirty, that I've worn the poor thing out!

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