Sunday, September 23, 2007

Went a little nuts on RAVELRY!

I got my invitation today and set up the bare bones to start. Then I noticed that my knitter friend Jo had a bunch of group badges on her profile and so I started to browse and... I joined 23 groups!!! What am I thinking? I am not going to have time to participate in that many groups...and I thought I was being conservative with my choices. There are so many other groups I could have joined, just lots of great groups and a few scary ones too. I'm going to go through the list again and see if I can make any sacrifices... and I was only able to quit one group so now I am still in 22 groups and I think I may have posted to two of them. Not sure if I'll use the forums much, seems like a little bit of duplication, at least in my newbie eyes...


Cristina said...

Melissa, 22 groups?????
2 forumns. Are you going to quit your job and stay at home???
I got my invitation a few months ago, but i realy didn't join anything or put any of the things that everybody puts there like the stash and all the photos of work made, just because i fell like in a far, far away country. It is good to go there and look what everyone is doing, but for me seriously that is all. Hope you have a good time with all that. And please don't forget to post here because that is what happens with other people, they get so exited in going in that they forget the personal blog. Thank you :)

jo said...

22, good grief. but participation is not required, so no pressure