Monday, August 27, 2007

I knew it!

I did in fact receive both my yummy Lisa Souza yarn AND my KnitPicks order before the Joann order (which is now somewhere between IL and CA). I absolutely adore the Hula Dancing yarn from KnitPicks, it is much prettier in person than on the website and it is still on sale, so check it out :) However, I am not thrilled about the feel of the Palette yarn but I am hoping it will be softer after it is knitted up and washed. My husband is happy with the colors (UCLA colors) and he only wants a simple ribbed sock so... Actually, now that I am pondering this, I wonder if he would like a tube sock as I haven't made those yet... either way, I'm sure it will all work out fine :)

1 comment:

jo said...

hip hip hooray

let's time it to see how long it takes my order from frederick's to get here...